Friday, July 8, 2011

UFO Over Austin! Captured 7-6-2011

Here is a video I shot recently from my balcony. It's best to see this full screen. Watch for it to move dramatically around 2:05. Alien craft or dancing faeries in the sky? You be the judge.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Channeling Session 7-2-2011: Communicating with Atar

This is a solo channeling I did on the Psychic Circle. I open with some words to contact positive entities or spirits. There were likely three separate entities that tried to come through here. Answers are in italics.

Go West.
Pearl near water on beach.

Do you mean Australia?

Do you mean Tasmania?

(It should be noted that I already contacted someone a couple weeks ago that came through insisting I go west and that I would find gold in a certain location in the Pacific).

If I am supposed to find something there, it would be like finding a needle in a haystack among 5,000 haystacks.
No. Give a go.

Give it a go?
Have a go.
In Sand.

I would need to know more specifics than that if I am supposed to find something there.
Dover at Patyu.

Dover at Patyu?

Maybe you is Zuna. You Zuna.


(Refering to Google, Zuna is an African word that can mean someone that is sweet)

Close to Pys.
Close to (Fire Symbol).

Close to a Volcano?
Runs along close to water. Put a rat (raft?) in the water.

Is Orion, X, or another spirit here?
Yes. Other. Other about. ET.

Extra Terrestrial?
Not from Earth, correct?

Where are you from?
A Star.

Which star?


Wait. At a star. Yes.

What is Vatyon?
A...look (at the board; I sometimes close my eyes to concentrate). A planet.

You are on or near a planet, is that correct?

What is your name?
(Fire symbol).

(Note, from Wikipedia, a word I had never heard before: Atar (ātar, Avestan) is the Zoroastrian concept for "burning and unburning fire" and "visible and invisible fire" (Mirza, 1987:389).

In an unrestricted sense, atar is heat—that is, thermal energy, manifest as fire or other luminous source when visible. In this sense, atar is an attribute of sources of heat and light, an adjectival form of nominative singular atarsh (ātarš). In later Zoroastrianism, atar (in middle Persian: ādar or ādur) is iconographically conflated with fire itself, which in middle Persian is ataksh, one of the primary objects of Zoroastrian symbolism. The etymology of atar is unknown (Boyce, 2002:1). The yazata Atar is not of Indo-Iranian origin (Dhalla 1938:174).

What dimension are you in?
3rd, fire symbol.

Near your sun in the 3rd dimension?
Close to it, yes.

Are you spiritually advanced there?
I am. Yes.

What do you do there?
I see in. I see.

Are you a seer?

Do you see in the future?
Past, present, future.

What do you see for us here on this planet, with the coming changes that are supposedly imminent?
I see the Earth at a...(pause). A transistion(me)? harvest.

Is it as the harvest RA speaks of? ...
Are you familiar with RA?

RA is a multiple thought form-complex that purports itself to be from the 6th density and is, or was, in contact with some people on Earth.

That's funny.

I like you Atar!

Too bad we can't hang out by the campfire and tell stories in person.

What more can you say about this harvest you see?
An ET will arrive to save you.

Fuc u.

Go to h.

Is this still Atar?
Atar is at hatch.

What is the hatch?
Atar are you here?
Did you leave?
Was there intereference?
ET pretending to be person. From other.

You don't know who?

Will we communicate again in the future?

Is there anything we can do to facilitate that?

(My friend Sara was living in an old boarding school in Geneva called House St. Pierre. The rather old building itself was built on top of a much older site. In 58 BC it was a Roman castle. In 300 AD it was the basement of an Apollo temple. In the 5th/6th century it was the castle belonging to a Burgundy king, etc.. Anyway, there was some paranormal activity experienced there by her and her friends. She herself witnessed a latch on an old wooden window shutter open in the lunch area. The window then slammed against the wall. Her friend came to her frightened one evening while hanging out in the basement. Apparently she saw an actual "Gargoyle" sitting on top of a bed or table. This thing communicated to her telepathically. It said her friends ought to keep their windows closed and somethign about coming to get them).

Can you tell me anything about the demon that Sara saw when she lived in Geneva?

Was it a spirit?

Was it an ancient spirit?
Maybe. Close.

Was it a powerful spirit?
Boo! Yes.

(Starting to get tired here). Is there anything you would like to say?
Yes, return the Earth to you.

From whom or what?
From your harvest.

Is there something we should do?

Is there anything I ought to know about my life coming up in the future?
Stop. Earth harvest.

But I thought there was nothing we could do, just wait?
Gather a vestuble.

What do you mean exactly?
Just... (do your best? -me) Close.

Do you know who Orion is?

Who or what is he?
An old fav.

A favorite?
Question and answer.

(Here is where the original person appears to come back through)

Go land and water, near water.
Old Gold. water.

Is this X?
Take water. Close. Maybe.

Take by water to a place west for gold?
No. For a pearl.

A Pearl?
At Halat.
A fire. New, old.
(movement progressively picking up)
A volcano?


I will look into it.
Do. It is at earth near water. Old ta, at Earth.

Thank you for the advice. I will be keeping my eyes open.
Stop. Go. Goodbye.

Alien Dream

This dream occurred roughly 2 years ago. I will be posting more dreams and experiences, some of them prophetic in nature.

It is evening time. I am in my room playing records for someone and trying to explain the charms of record players (with some difficulty, as apparently they are not from our time or place). At some point I receive some faxes over a fax machine or print outs from a computer. The messages I am receiving appear to be from an alien or higher dimensional source. One message has some symbols referring to "gears", which is apparently regarding an idea or design I had worked on before. One of the symbols, while a letter, is also a smiley face representing happiness towards this idea. Spinning, circles, turning, or whirl pools and galaxies are a theme that repeat themselves in the dream. If you have seen the dark Japanese film Uzumaki, it would give you a general idea.

Sheets of paper fly across the room into my hands, essentially telling me I should work on a project, that a hole through dimensional space or in the earth's gravity field will form, and we will be able to travel inter-dimensionally or through time. I woke up with the idea that imagining oneself spinning faster could increase one's inner vibration and facilitate astral travel.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Wu Qijong

(Chinese Shamanic Qigong)
Master Zhongxian Wu
1. Introduction

When I was a child in China, I was curious about the way that local Wu (Chinese shaman) treated patients. How could an acupuncture needle release the pain when the Wu put it in a suffering patient's body? How could the Wu's chanting help patients recover from sickness? I came to understand more about Chinese medicine when I grew up, of course, but I did get some answers to my questions in childhood. Still, I had more questions such as: What are meridians? What is an acupuncture point? Where did this knowledge come from? How did it come to us?

Through years and years of Wu (Shamanic) Qigong practice, I got the answers to all of these questions. I understood that ancient Wu (Chinese Shamanism) is the root of Chinese culture, which includes Qigong and classical Chinese medicine. I felt that learning Wu could help me better understand the Qigong healing system and deepen my spiritual cultivation. Therefore, in this paper I want to share some Wu information with you first and then I will introduce Wu (Shamanic) Qigong to you.

2. What is Wu?

The Chinese character Wu can be used as a noun or an adjective and can also be translated as shaman, shamanism, or shamanic. The word shaman comes from the Tungusu-Manchurian language.

The practice of an ancient Wu only distantly resembles that of current day shamans, who travel in "alternative realities" as part of their religious practices. They are mostly located in Siberia and are very aggressive. In trance, but still in full possession of their faculties, these shamans may climb the World Tree to reach the "Heaven of the Ancestors" or descend to an underworld in search of lost or trapped souls. They undergo difficult and painful initiations, including ritual death and rebirth. In contrast, the Wu referred to by the Chinese character is much more of a spirit-medium. Through natural ability, training, and ritual preparation, the Wu can summon the bright spirits. These spirits inhabit and speak through the Wu's body.

The oldest writing style of the Chinese character Wu depicts the four cardinal directions-North, South, East, and West. This is the pattern that the ancient Wu applied to the center of their bodies as "high-tech" equipment to communicate with the other four directions, and it was through this practice that they understood the Universal Way.

Shamans specialize in ritual and possess unique powers that enable them to act as intermediaries between humans and the shadowy world of spirits and the supernatural. However, the ancient Wu were not similar to modern-day shamans and they were different from the modern concept of Wu. In ancient China, the Wu were omniscient and they governed the country in addition to aiding others in transcending the physical plane. They were also able to function as doctors and taught disease prevention.

Indeed, the Wu possessed Shenming (literally, spiritual clarity or spiritual brightness): Spiritual Enlightenment and a deep understanding of the Universal Way. The Wu were enlightened beings who embodied Tian Ren He. The original function of Wu was to connect with universal energy (or living in the Dao) and pass this universal knowledge on to others. Through this ritual connection with Heaven, they sustained both Yin and Yang-stillness and movement. Stillness and movement became the fundamental Qigong model.

Read the rest of article here

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Psychic Circle Board

Some time ago I bought a Psychic Circle "spirit" or "angel" board. It differs from a Ouija board in that it has symbols, words, colors, and astrological signs on it. The creators, Monty Faber and Amy Zerner claim that through earlier communications they were guided in some of the layout.

One night I was using the board by myself while a friend shot a digital image of it. She said that she could see waves of white flowing over my right arm through video as she was capturing it, as you can see subtly above.

In a different session I asked it to give me a poem, which it did through some complex symbol usage. I will try to decode and make sense of it sometime, if possible.

Friday, May 7, 2010

Moore's Crossing Bridge - Austin, TX

Background: Moore's Crossing was first erected over the Colorado River in 1884. It since has been moved and has been partially rebuilt after some flooding. The (unsubstantiated) legend goes that a white man was hanged from the bridge for an interracial affair of some kind while the black lover looked on in dismay. It is said that after midnight a man can sometimes be seen to be hanging from the bridge with the woman he loved watching from below.

May 1, 2010

We set out to (informally) investigate the scene shortly after midnight armed with only a digital camera, sound recorder, and flash-light. The bridge is plenty safe to walk on though apparently it is not considered safe enough for driving (it's closed to vehicles and there is a concrete barrier on each end to prevent this, as well as a gate). No visual anomalies were seen, though at one point I saw something grayish white fly from behind Susan, which could have been a large insect of some sort.

Upon review of the photographs taken, there were several "orb"-like features with greenish color. I am not sure if this was some kind of lens or dust anomaly. You be the judge (click images to enlarge):

In addition to the above pictures, there were a couple more perplexing images, and although I tend towards explaining these away as the result of long duration shutter speeds, I put them up for viewing anyway. The shutter was on automatic, and automatic with flash on the second. I imagine that the shutter speeds were in the neighborhood of one second or less, since these were point and shoot shots. In any case, there were occasional car and building lights across the street to the north end of the bridge which makes ascribing these to anything paranormal difficult.

Below were some of the questions asked using the sound recorder. The sound is a bit garbled, but amid the only background noise of the occasional bird sound or a far away car, there appeared to be a definite, unexplainable noise that may have appeared in response to these questions:

Recording 1 "Are you here" [perceived answer: "what?"]
Recording 2 "Is anyone here?" [perceived answer: "yes!"]
Recording 3 "Do you haunt this bridge?" [perceived answer: "what the f*ck?"]
Recording 3 again using a filter


It is worth mentioning that after taking a moment to focus in I felt some unhappiness/trauma/negativity related to the environment. I saw and felt an impact and a going backwards, so perhaps someone was truck in the forehead by someone or with an object. Susan, who is empathic, seemed to confirm similar negative impressions. Attempting to get more EVP material, I asked if anyone needed any help. We both reported feeling a warmth and a change in the tone of the energy shortly after that.

As we turned away and were at the edge of the bridge ready to leave, we all three heard three distinct raps on the rail of the bridge. Jack, ever the skeptic-minded among us, dismissed it as a noise occurring much further away, but being the closest to the noise, whatever the source actually was, I was able to discern it as being right on the side of the bridge.

Overall our findings are inconclusive, but this may warrant more investigation.

Investigators: John Adams, Susan Crawford, and Jack Noble